Wow! Volunteers from Planet Hunters and astronomers have discovered a star KIC 8462852 that exhibits very unusual activity.   Read more about it here: Planet Hunters X. KIC 8462852 – Where’s the flux? 

Planet Hunters discover mysterious star

In the following article sources claim that a new EM engine works in a vacuum even though it “violates the Law of Conservation of Momentum”. Evaluating NASA’s Futuristic EM Drive In my novels, Pomroy’s World: Arrival and Pomroy’s World: Alone, one the main characters, Juan Garcia, develops a device to […]

How does NASA’s new EM drive work? Maybe the answer ...

An article by Ian O’Neill summarizes the results of a new study of dark matter. Wait a Minute, Dark Matter May Not be Dark After All By observing collisions between galaxies they found that when dark matter passes close by other dark matter the dark matter does not exert any […]

More dark matter mysteries

colliding galaxies
Dark matter plays a huge role in the Pomroy’s World series so I am always interested in new developments. A international team of scientists analyzed seventy two collisions between galaxy clusters in an attempt to explore the nature of dark matter. The original paper can be found here: The nongravitational interactions […]

Dark matter update

  Is it possible that there are other worlds or universes that we cannot see or detect? Up until the 17th century humans had no idea that complex microscopic worlds teeming with life existed.  I wonder what went through the minds of the first persons to see hydra, amoeba and […]

Invisible Worlds -Are they possible?

  Pomroy is a typical teenager. He loved his skateboard. That is what set everything in motion.

Everything started here

First I’d like to introduce you to Pomroy’s biggest fans:    Deejay and Junior.  They have been super excited about the book launch of Pomroy’s World: Alone. It’s the second volume in the series and they have grown tired of waiting. Muggington took his sweet time finishing the second book.  […]

Pomroy’s biggest fans